Product & technical questions

Unsure which bulb you need? How the heck do you choose the right shade?  Changing cord lengths, finding the perfect pendant - the list goes on so we have tried to cover as much as possible!

Can I shorten/lengthen the cord?

We would always recommend a qualified insured electrician installing our products. Shortening the cord on many of our pendants/chandeliers is quite an easy task. More information can be found on the specific product pages, or if you are unsure then please do contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to advise further. Please note that we are not able to accept returns back for items that have been modified in any way.  

What do your measurements mean?

Our lampshade measurements, listed under the main product name, represent the base diameter of the shade. You can find the height and top diameter details under the 'Dimensions & Details' tab on the specific product page.

When it comes to the height of our table lamps, we measure it up to where the shade sits on the saddle. This means you can add the shade's height to it, but subtract 1.5 inches (which accounts for where the shade slightly overhangs the base).

For our table lamps, chandeliers, and pendants, we measure the widest part to provide the product width.

As for our pendants, the heights listed refer to the "shade" part of the pendant. The chain and ceiling canopy will be in addition to that, but the good news is, most of our chains and cord can be easily shortened to your preferred drop.

How do I workout the total height of the base and shade?

Once you have picked your chosen combination, then both heights can be seen under the ‘Dimensions & Details’ tab- just add the heights together and take away 1.5 inches, which takes into account where the fitting sits within the shade.

Can I use my lampshade as a ceiling pendant?

The majority of our lampshades are, currently, only suitable to be used with table lamps or standing lamps. We do have a small selection that can be used as ceiling pendants - these can be found here. We are working on expanding this range, so please do continue to check back with us. Alternatively, if there was a specific shade you would like to know about then please do contact our Customer Service team on or +1 888-766-5987

Do you offer fabric samples?

We do, yes! Please get in touch with us on, with the list of fabrics that you would like and your delivery address and we can have these posted to you.

Do you offer bespoke shades?

Unfortunately, at the moment we are not able to offer individual bespoke shades. We may be able to help for larger bulk orders, however, so please do get in touch with us on, and we will be able to advise further.

Do you have a showroom I can buy from?

Unfortunately, we don't have a showroom in the US yet, but sign up to our newsletter and you'll be the first to know when we do!

I saw something in your website, but can’t see it on your website anymore?

For items no longer on our website these may well just be temporarily out of stock so do get in touch and we can advise on restocking dates. 

Are your lights suitable for bathrooms?

All of our lights are suitable for use in bathroom settings; it really depends on where you'd like to place them! We offer a range of lights with the appropriate damp and wet location ratings suitable for bathroom use in the United States. These ratings indicate a light's ability to withstand moisture and dust. However, it's worth noting that in very small, poorly ventilated bathrooms prone to high condensation levels, we would advise against using products without the appropriate damp or wet location rating.

Please note we always recommend a qualified insured electrician installing our products. Installation must conform to all applicable local electrical codes, ordinances and the national electrical code (NEC). 

Are your lights suitable for outside/porch?

We do offer a selection of outdoor lights, with ratings for use in wet areas. You can check out these products and find more information about the specific rating requirements right here.

How do I clean my products?

To keep the finish in tact do not use harsh polishes or cleaners on the product. Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth.

What is a gallery?

A gallery is a crucial component in many of our pendant shades – it ensures that the fixture and shade stay securely in place. Keep in mind that a number of our glass and ceramic shades are crafted by hand, so their sizes may vary. The gallery is designed to fit around the opening of these shades and is therefore adjustable to ensure a snug fit. If you happen to remove this item from your cart, your lighting fixtures won't be complete, and you'll need to get in touch with us so we can arrange to send you the necessary parts. In most cases, these components won't interfere with the work of an electrician and can be added after the wiring is complete.

My glass shade is too big for my fitting, can you help?

Some of our glass shades require a metal washer that takes the opening down to a E12 fitting, and will then work with our pendant and wall fixtures. If these have been missed from your delivery, then get in touch with our Customer Service team on, or +1 888-766-5987 and we can arrange for these to be sent out for you.

My lampshade doesn't fit on my base- help!

All our lampshades are designed to work seamlessly on your lamp base with a harp and finial or a bulb clip. The harp is designed to fit over a lamp’s bulb holder and light bulb. If your shade is not fitting your harp, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at and we can have a look at this for you!

Help! Something is wrong with my light!

Firstly, we're really sorry if you're experiencing an issue with your light. We want to get this sorted out for you as smoothly and swiftly as possible. If you've identified an obvious problem, please snap a photo and send it over to our team at Additionally, consider the following suggestions that might help you resolve the issue without needing to contact us:

Wonky Bulb holder: Some of our products are designed with a ball joint bulb holder, allowing for some movement during transit to prevent breakage. If your bulb holder seems a bit wonky, it may not be a fault. You can try straightening it by adjusting the bulb holder on the ball joint. 

Table or Floor Lamp Not Turning On: If your lamp isn't switching on, first test it with two different bulbs to ensure they both work on another light. Please contact our team at if your bulb is damaged.

Pendant Light Seems Crooked: There are a couple of straightforward fixes for this. First, check if the bulb holder is on a ball joint, as mentioned above. If it is and the bulb holder is at an angle, it can make the entire pendant appear off-center. You can reposition the ball joint to straighten it out. Another potential cause is if the hook at the top of the pendant isn't in the right position on the ridged hook connected to the chain. This component allows you to correct any imbalance caused by the handblown glass by adjusting the hook to a different point on the ridge until the pendant hangs straight.

Lightbulbs Are Flickering: The LED bulbs we provide are dimmable, but it's important to ensure that your dimmer system is compatible with LED bulbs. Incompatible dimmer circuits can lead to buzzing or flickering when you try to dim the lights. We recommend consulting a qualified electrician to confirm compatibility with your circuit. Our fixtures support dimming, and our LED bulbs are dimmable when used with the appropriate system. 

If none of the above suggestions resolve your issue, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at with any images you can provide. We'll get back to you promptly to assist further.

Where are Pooky products made?

We work with manufacturers all around the world to ensure that we can offer a wide range of well-made and beautiful lamps at a price that we think you will like. We hold Laboratory Listing and Approvals with the UL and ETL ensuring our products all conform to strict standards of quality and safety.

Are Pooky lights dimmable?

Unless it states otherwise, all of our light fittings will work within a dimmable circuit – as long as you use a dimmable bulb. However, do bear in mind that different dimmable bulbs can require different dimmers. The LED bulbs that we supply are dimmable but you will need to ensure that the dimmer system you use is compatible for use with LED bulbs. We would always advise asking a qualified insured electrician to confirm what you can or cannot use on your own circuit.