outdoor lighting ideas to inspire your garden: 11 top tips for a bright & beautiful outdoor living space

Whether your garden is a sprawling landscape alive with luscious greenery and blooms or you look out onto a more contemporary area - decked with trickling water features and perfectly-manicured lawns - there’s something magical about descending outdoors and enjoying a moment in the open air. There are many ways in which you can maximize your outdoor living space, and a considered curation of lighting solutions can completely transform your garden into the most magical oasis. 

Carefully chosen and positioned, outdoor lighting can play a central role in your garden. Lighting has the power to accentuate the likes of plants and decorative features, all whilst administering a sense of depth thanks to the interchanging of light and shadowing. 

At Pooky, we’re passionate about lighting, and our bright ideas extend beyond the walls of your home. So, if your garden is in need of a little illumination - whether that be to enhance safety or simply make things look more appealing, we’re here with a wealth of inspiring backyard lighting ideas that you’ll love. 

outdoor lighting

Consider the position of your outdoor lights

Taking the time to carefully consider the position of your outdoor lighting features is essential. When placed effectively, even the subtlest injection of light can achieve the most stunning impact. Hanging lanterns are a wonderful way to add visual interest to porches and wall sconces, whether placed on exterior walls or along a garden path can not only enhance safety, but instantly prettify everything too.

Take a moment to evaluate the purpose of your lights

Mentally outlining the purpose of your outdoor lighting and what it is you want your lighting solutions to achieve is essential. Perhaps you want to create depth by introducing lights that cast shadows in certain places, or maybe you’re attempting to elevate an al fresco dining spot with a cordless lamp? Deciding on outdoor lighting fixtures is a lot to do with how the lighting will be used, so before you dive in and purchase the first pretty wall sconces you see, think about whether or not they’re a fitting solution for the space and purpose. 

Introduce metallic finishes

Be it the lived-in appeal of aged, antiqued brass, a touch of bronze or glints of glimmering, natural unlacquered brass, one thing’s for sure - a handful of metallic hints will add heaps of visual interest to your gardenscape. From your entranceway to your patio, pool and beyond, metallic accents will surely enhance your outdoor oasis, creating a truly spellbinding setting. 

wall sconces

Add wall lighting to your patio area

Outdoor wall sconces are not only perfect for adding visual appeal to your garden, but they’re also a simultaneously practical yet pretty pick-me-up for your patio area. Whether it’s your favorite spot for a nightcap beneath the stars or you’re a regular garden party host, a selection of garden wall sconces will make the space all the more appealing.

Connect your indoor and outdoor space

Cohesion is key, and a curation of similar lighting solutions both inside and outside of the home will help create a sense of continuation - seamlessly connecting the two spaces together. 

If your home is illuminated by a series of pendants and chandeliers, continue this theme as you move out into the garden with hanging lanterns. Similarly, if wall sconces are your style of choice, let this aesthetic inspire your patio area, too. 

If at all possible, we want our gardens to hold that same warm and inviting appeal that exists within our homes - and the addition of some well-considered lights will help achieve exactly that. 

wall sconces

Elevate your entranceway with wall sconces

A well-lit porch is among the most welcoming scenes, so be sure not to abandon your front of house as you focus on lighting up the backyard. When exploring entranceway lighting ideas, pay attention to particularly elegant displays that enhance the look of your home, rather than creating distraction. We recommend opting for wall sconces as these will instantly illuminate your porchway, and draw attention to your home’s best features.

Cordless lighting

Introduce a selection of cordless lighting

Cordless lights are enjoying more than just a moment right now - and with so many wonderful possibilities at the simple flick of a switch, it’s not difficult to see why. 

Arguably one of the best things about cordless lighting solutions is that they can be used anywhere - including outside. On rainy days, be sure to keep your lamps covered to protect them from water damage. When it’s mild, however, let your imagination run wild! Think ethereal garden tablescapes perfect for a spot of al fresco dining, well-lit walkways, welcoming entrance ways and gloriously glowy patios - when it comes to cordless lights, the possibilities are truly endless. 

Light up water features

Water features are such a wonderful addition to any outdoor living space, but if you want them to stand out in the evening just as much as they do during the day, it’s essential that you invest in outdoor lighting. 

Explore downlighting options, available in abundance of styles, silhouettes and finishes, our choosing of pared-back and statemaking designs ensure something to suit every aesthetic.

Be mindful of wildlife

For many of us, our gardens double up as a home for a vast array of creatures and critters - and while we may not always see them, make no mistake, those nocturnal habitants are no doubt very settled exactly where they are. 

If you’re planning on adding lights to your garden, we wholly encourage you to do it - but be mindful of placement and levels of brightness. 

path lights

Path lights to illuminate steps…

If your garden is crying out for a little character, some carefully positioned garden lights may just be the answer - and using path lights to illuminate steps is a wonderful place to start. 

The addition of recessed lighting will create a hotel-esque aesthetic, effortlessly enhancing the grandeur of your garden & adding to that warm, welcoming appeal.

hanging lantern

Add a cozy touch with candles and lanterns

An outdoor space in which you can truly luxuriate is something we all aspire to. Our gardens are an extension of our living space and the overarching aim is to fashion an area that’s full of homely appeal. 

The likes of wall sconces make for chic additions to any yard or garden - but if you want to create a cozy aesthetic, it’s time to turn your attention to candles and outdoor lanterns. With both rustic and sleek, contemporary styles available, sourcing fixtures that slot in seamlessly with the theme of your garden couldn’t be easier - and better yet, changing your scheme is effortless, too. 

For more bright ideas, peruse our inspiration page, where you’ll find all the lighting tips and tricks you could ever dream of - and as always, be sure to tag us on social media when Pookifying your homes!